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Silver Elastic reflective heat transfer film GS-4003E





Color Metallic silver
Backing Fabric PET film (Clear and blue polyethylene) and heat melt adhesive
Reflective Coefficient R> 420 cd/lx.m2
Washing performance After 25 times domestic wash (ISO 6330 Method 2A @ 60 °C), No delaminating or adhesive failure occurs, the after-wash reflective coefficient R> 100cd/(lx▪m2).
Certification OEKO-TEX 100; EN 20471 Class 2; ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Level 2; AS/NZS 1906.4-2010; CSA-Z96-02
Hazardous substance Conform to REACH, HR 4040,EN 71-3, ROHS etc.
Recommended substrate PU coating fabric, PVC coating fabric, Stretch fabric, elastic band, Non-stretchable fabric etc. 
Care instruction Use neutral detergent in hand wash. Do not pre-soaking. Hot water wash is allowed around 40℃. Do not use detergent that contains bleach, acid or alkali.
Width 2-1000mm
Packing 200meters/R
Delivery Time 7 days after receiving payment or deposit
Departure Port Ningbo or Shanghai
Supply Ability 1,500,000 m²/ month
Reflective Heat Transfer Film
Product Number Adhesive Side liner Reflective Side liner Elasticity Initial Average R1 Minimum R2 Home Wash Cycles3 Oeko-tex 100 EN ISO 20471 ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 AS/NZS 1906.4-2010 CSA-Z 96-02
GS-4003 None Clear polyethylene X 500 330 50
GS-4003E Blue polyethylene Clear polyethylene 500 330 50

R1: Measured by Chinastars on new product at +5.0° entrance and 0.2° observation angles.

R2: ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 and EN ISO 20471 minimum coefficient of retroreflection for Level 2 retroreflective material.

3 Home wash according to ISO 6330 Method 2A at 60 °C and product maintain R ≥ 100 cd/lux/m3.

Reflective elastic heat transfer film can be heated on all kinds of substrates like stretch fabric, elastic band or webbing etc., it can be widely used on safety vest, sportswear, shoes, hats, bags and PPE etc..

Reflective heat transfer film can also be cut by plotter or laser machine into GRAPHICS, CHARACTERS and LOGOS and transferred to all kinds of fabric base by heat and pressure, such as high visibility garment, sportswear, outdoor products; caps, bags, shoes etc.Personalize your NAME, TOWN, STATE with our reflective heat transfer film. Let us create a logo design that is uniquely yours.

heat transfer film & logo

Step 1 Remove adhesive side liner, exposing dry adhesive. Do not remove reflective side liner.


Step 2 Place the heat transfer film on fabric with adhesive side down and apply heat and pressure as described below.


Step 3 Allow heat transfer film to cool to room temperature. Remove the reflective liner by lifting one corner and pulling (180°angle) in a continuous, smooth manner.

Machine Temperature Dwell Time/Rotate Speed Line Pressure
Heat Press machine 155-165℃ 8-20 seconds >0.5 kg/cm2
Heated roll laminator 130-150℃ 4-8 m/min

>2 kg/cm2


1.The lamination temperature, time, speed and pressure listed above shall be used as a guide. For each fabric, the proper conditions much be tested beforehand to assure adequate adhesion and physical performance.

2.Work on a flat surface where heat and pressure can be applied. Do not heat over seams and stitches.

3.Use within one year from the production date.


1. This elastic heat transfer film is not suitable for nylons substrates or any other water-repellent substrates.

2. This heat transfer film is not suitable for mesh fabric with holes. Heat transfer film on holes without substrates is with low adhesive strength, and easily damaged in the wash process or in daily uses.

3. Do not exceed lamination temperatures listed above because the clear polyethylene liner may become difficult to remove and affect the physical performance.

4. When do laser engraving or lettering, pay attention to the physical performance of the graphics or letters, especially when the peeled-off heat transfer film is not in good physical performance.

5. Many fabrics can be used as lamination substrates; however, for some substrates which will change color or shape during the process, we highly recommend you to choose other low-temperature heat transfer film or use special operating method to avoid these problems, but pay attention to the adhesion.

Our advantages

ExperienceOur technical team has been engaged in the coating industry for more than 30 years. We’ve supplied our products to countless companies including Volvo, SAAB, Michelin, Opel etc.
R&DAll equipments self-developed by experienced engineers, highly efficient and energy saving. Up to now, we’ve achieved 23 product patents and 3 technical patents.
Q&CProducts certified by accredited laboratories and meet the criteria of international standards. Products examined by latest tools and internal standard higher than international standards.
DesignExperienced design team helps you to combine fashion with safety, customization available for every product.

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