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Reflective Marking Tape for Truck/Trailer

  1. Technicial Parameters:
  3. Model: GS-RM1000 Series / Super High Intensity Prismatic Grade
  4. Product Type: Microprismatic Retro-reflective Sheeting
  5. Adhesive: Permanent Presure Sensitive
  6. Top Material: Acrylic Film/PC Film
  7. Liner: PP Liner
  8. Warranty:10 Years Limited Warranty Reflectivity
  9. Standard Size: 50mm X 50MTR (2" X 50 Meter)
  10. Application: Vehicle Conspicuity Retro Reflective Tape
  11. Specification: ECE 104 Class "C", DOT-C2
Our product is the preferred choice by most fleets when it comes to conspicuity markings, due to the product construction which is just simply ideal for this application. The thin single layer construction means that there is no edge sealing needed, and no risk of any water or dirt ingress causing discoloration of the tape. It is easy to apply, and you can apply it over rivets very easily. Easy application means that your vehicle is quickly back on the road again - where it should be.

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