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Refelctive Shapes

Our Reflective Shapes are cut from  Prismatic/Glass Beads reflective sheeting. We carry fluorescent lime, fluorescent orange, red, white and blue. 


Our "Diamond Plate Reflective Overlays" and our "Chevron Strips for Diamond Plate" are designed to make diamond plate compliant with NFPA 1901 chevron striping requirements. These products are custom cut to fit over diamond plate to create reflective chevron striping.  This method covers 25% more area and creates a highly reflective surface. Also, the design makes installation 4 times faster than dots or squares and much more accurate.  Creates the cleanest and best looking chevrons.


We also manufacture highly reflective 3/4" Dots , Squares and Octagons. These shapes are very popular for creating chevron stripes on diamond plate. The 3/4" dots (circles) are the simplest to install.  All of these shapes are available in larger sizes for various other applications.


We also manufacture triangle, arrow and any shapes customizedare welcome.

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