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Reflective "Chevron Strips" for Diamond Plate NFPA

November 10,2016    Hit:14062

Reflective "Chevron Strips" for Diamond Plate NFPA

Quantity 1 = 24 strips (1 square foot of coverage)

This is our newest product.  Our "Chevron Strips" are the quickest and easiest way to create reflective chevron stripes on diamond plate or tread plate. (Based on our experience installation is about 4 times quicker than dots.) Our chevron strips for diamond plate also create cleaner nicer looking chevrons. These custom designed shapes are cut from 3M/AVERY/Reflexite or other prismatic material.  This material is specifically designed for emergency vehicles.  It is a single layer patented film and will not delaminate like other brands. Reflexite invented prismatic reflective films and is the leader in this type of material. It is the only film we use for our custom shapes. 

Note - to assure a proper fit, you should test a free sample on your diamond plate before purchasing.  

This product comes in four styles, A, B, C and D.  Style A is for diamond plate where the tips are exactly 1" plus 1/32 apart.  Style B is for diamond plate where the tips are exactly 1" apart.  Style C is for diamond plate where the tips are 1" less 1/32" apart.  Style D is for diamond plate where the tips are 1" less 1/16" apart.  When you order our sample pack you will get one of each and they will be marked A, B, C or D.  This will insure that you get a perfect fit.

Reflective Chevron Strips NFPA 1901 1917

To install our "chevron strips" you simply peel, position, and press on.  Each strip takes just a few seconds to install.  The design is made to go around the diamonds.   

Testing the strips before purchasing is highly recommended.  To get a sample pack of our diamond plate reflective products cut from V98 material just email me or call 850-934-3157.

We sell this product based on the square foot coverage. One square foot of coverage or 24 strips runs $18.  This makes it simple to estimate how many strips you need.  Just measure the area you need to stripe and calculate how many square feet you have.  If you have 10 square feet you would need 5 square feet of red strips and 5 square feet of fluorescent lime. 

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