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GOLD SAFETY MATERIAL CO.LTD.   is a high-tech company that has dedicated to innovation and development of traffic/marine/personal safety technologies and traffic signage materials such as retro-reflective sheeting materials including glass beaded films and micro-prismatic retro-reflective materials; traffic/safety signs;photoluminescent films/signs;marine safety materials; reflective products for vehicle/truck/trailer; reflective fabric/logo/garments. GOLD SAFETY has a strong innovation team that has polymer material scientists, manufacturing engineers and international consultants. our engineers and scientists have achieved diversified working experience with3M, GE and other world 500 fortune companies. In addition, GOLD SFETY has established first-class technology platforms including adhesive technology, film technology, coating and lamination technology, automatic screen printing, digital ink-jet printing and UV ink printing technology, weathering test facilities and retro-reflection measurement work station.

We believe that innovation improves life quality and we are all dedicated to traffic safety products including retro-reflective sheets for traffic sign, vehicle retro-reflective markings, personal safety protection and advertisements. We has also been trying its best to be a sustainable company that is environmentally sustainable, economically sustainable and socially sustainable. TST has heavily invested in advancement of solvent-borne coating technology into UV coating and curing technology.

We have established a strong manufacturing team concluding quality control engineers, coating and lamination work force, equipment maintaining engineers and production management team. Our people have been professionally trained and the quality of our products is strictly controlled. We can serve our customers with high performance products and professional service. Our products have successfully penetrated global market and served our customers from Asia, North America, Europe, South America and Australia.

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